Owatonna, Minnesota

I received a beautiful set of Cambridge Silversmith Flatware for Christmas.After 1 month it was full of ugly stains and rust spots.

Shopko would not take it back, so I decided to call the company. I got a very rude lady named Maryanne. They did agree to send me another set. After washing just the knives once - the same spots occured.

I went online and discovered numerous reviews for this company with the same complaint as I had.

DO NOT BUY THIS JUNK!They will not refund you, they will only keep sending you more silverware that will rust.

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I also purchaqsed new flatware.within 2 wks.

i was seeing rust spots on it. Mine is combination of shine and satin look. I am very disappointed, too, as I have also waited to purchase due too budget.

I used an Oneida set for 18 yrs, and it looks better than my brand new set.I will never cambridge products again, and will also tell others not to.


I wish I did my homework before purchasing my Cambridge flatware.I have only had it a few days and it has spots and rust on it.

It is terrible that they rip off the consumer so badly.

I have waited for years to be able to afford to purchase new silverware, as this small simple thing is a big deal for my tight budget.I am sorely dissapointed.


:cry I wish I have read this about cambridge flatware. I also have same problem.


Wow!!I am having the same issues.

I am sorry that I bought this silverware from the Cambrige company. The rust spots after washing the silverware is not acceptable. They should take this product off the market.

Its going in the trash.I will never buy Cambridge products again.Who wants to eat with silverware with rust spots, It sounds unhealthy.


I have the same problem,with this set of flatware, mine has a satin finish, it was to be a repacement for the set I have used

for over 30 years. I'm glad I didn't get rid of it.


I also purchased their flatware and I am also having the same issues. Rust spots and other spots. I purchased flatware from Fingerhut over 25 years ago and never had a problem should of stuck with them.


I also received a set of cambridge stainless flatware.After 2 weeks it has stains and rust spots.

But the worst was my daughter-in-law was over for breakfasts and actually was cut by my silverware. The stainless coating is coming of and The piece had a sharp edge on the back of the handle. Cut the palm of her hand .

I do not want a replacement.Never will buy cambridge again.There warranty is a joke.

Rosebank, Western Cape, South Africa #27022

I purchased flatware from Linens and Things made by Cambridge that after one wash have rust and spots.I had to use a brillo pad to remove the rust.

I have never had this happen with any other flatware I have purchased.Since I only recently purchased mine I am going to try going to the store and get a refund.

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